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The Little Know-It-All: Common Sense for Designers

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What's a favicon? What's a galley proof? What's a single-page application? This updated edition of Gestalten's popular reference book gives designers practical answers to questions related to their daily work. We email on our smartphones, skype with colleagues around the world, and tweet about our favorite brands. Our work and our play are becoming increasingly digital, but how do these developments affect what creatives do on a daily basis? Because interdisciplinary work has become a matter of course, we need digital know-how. To achieve optimal results, it's essential that a designer can understand a programmer and a community manager knows the steps involved in print production. This updated edition of The Little Know-It-All provides the fundamental information designers need to know to thrive in their growing field of practice. Expanded to include social media, search engine marketing, and mobile devices, it is an indispensable manual of the knowledge currently required of designers as the evolution of media re-defines their role and expands the disciplines in which they must be competent. Divided into the eight chapters Design, Typography, Digital Media, Social Media, Production, Marketing, Law, and Organization, the book offers concise analysis as well as definitions of unique vocabulary. Written for a global audience, it expounds on various international formats and legalities. With its thematic structure and resourceful index, The Little Know-It-All has established itself as a clever and comprehensive collection of essential practical information. Complete with graphics and illustrations supplementing the texts, this updated edition is both a stimulating reference book for students and newcomers and a trusty companion for design and media professionals to use in their everyday work

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