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In All Our Decadence People Die - Exhibition Catalogue

Johan Kugelberg [ed]

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition at In All Our Decadence People Die at Boo-Hooray, this catalog showcases images from fanzines and ephemera collected at Dial House, home to the English anarchist punk band Crass, active from 1977-1984. Culled from approximately 3000 fanzines, broadsides, pamphlets and flyers, these materials were sent or given to the group Crass from fans all over the world. With almost 100 illustrations, the artists featured in the pages of In All Our Decadence People Die, are largely unknown, often working under pseudonyms or collectively, showcasing the momentum and power of the grassroots activist punk movement.

"A short history of the Fanzines and their presence amongst us: Unlike Mr Penny Rimbaud, I dislike throwing anything away. Placed in a cupboard at Dial House where no one ever looked, the fanzines survived Guy Fawkes night for nearly 30 years, taking a short break in a friends attic when the cupboard was, for some reason, requisitioned for party hats, old suitcases and toys. Finally brought home again, they went back into the cupboard, away from the attention of Rimbaud and his persistent chanting of "let's just bung it all on the fire." Now, having finally left home for good, the collection parades itself brazenly and proudly before you and in very safe hands." - Gee Vaucher, editor

"The public and private political stance of Crass was without peer or compromise. Their influence on the lives of misfits, belongers, winners, losers, straights and visionaries across the globe reverberates to this day." - Johan Kugelberg, editor

11 x 17"

This 2nd Printing is Risograph printed wIth a silver silkscreened cover. Published jointly by Boo-Hooray and Exitstencil Press in an edition of 250.

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Artist / Author Johan Kugelberg [ed]