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Stylefile Marker Brush – Pastel Set


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Created by the premier graffiti art publisher Stylefile, the Stylefile Marker Brush is an excellent addition to any artist’s tool kit. Each double-ended marker features both a chisel tip, great for hard lines as well as covering large areas quickly, and a smooth brush tip with stroke widths ranging from 1 to 6 mm, ideal for fine details or smooth, organic shapes. It’s the perfect tool for manga and comic art, coloring, architectural rendering, fashion illustration — just about any art or design project!




  • Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable hand-feel and excellent haptics
  • Roll-stop, color and tip markings on the caps
  • High quality tips from the market leader
  • Constant ink flow, saturated colors
  • Alcohol-based ink without Xylene
  • Variable line widths
  • Refillable


The Pastel Set features a selection of 12 harmonious pastel shades. Colors include:


  • 152 (barium yellow)
  • 156 (pastel yellow)
  • 202 (salmon pink)
  • 300 (pastel peach)
  • 316 (pastel rose)
  • 416 (pale blue violet)
  • 420 (pastel pink)
  • 426 (pastel violet)
  • 450 (pale purple)
  • 454 (cerise)
  • 514 (pastel blue)
  • 670 (pale green)

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