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Star of David Lee Roth - Shirt by Eric Yahnker

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Based on an original pencil drawing from 2011, "Star of David Lee Roth" is one of Eric Yahnker's most iconic drawings from the past decade.

Yahnker is an unbelievably virtuosic painter/draftsman. As the curator of his recent solo show in New York explains: "His medium-to-large-scale pieces are visually seductive and can easily be appreciated at the purely superficial level. But each is elaborately planned and constructed to hold up to even the most intense conceptual scrutiny." And indeed, there's a fantastical world of multiple references at play in Yahnker's universe--from celebrity politicians to real-life celebrity villains; from race-baiting and birther-ism, to faith and cultivation; from sex and patriotism, to the desecration of aptly-branded canned goods and extremely bad habits. Yet at the same time, he delivers all of that (and more) without offering commentary or judgements--just a good hearty laugh. As the artist says, "I serve only to plumb the murky depths which lie below the surface, rather than hoist ideological flags or provide solutions."

Edition Run: 300 on a Cotton Crew shirt. This is an exceptional, pre-washed shirt made of high-quality, organic 100% cotton. It features a slim fit with a tight collar and fitted sleeves.

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