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Hairspray, Female Trouble, and Multiple Maniacs

John Waters

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It's been 17 years since erstwhile gross-out filmmaker Waters published three screenplays (Pink FlamingosDesperate Living, and the as-yet-unfilmed Flamingos Forever) as Trash Trio. You'd think he would've come up with a similarly catchy title for the second helping of his cinematic oeuvre, but no. Still, leading off with his greatest hit, the movie-to-musical-and-(come '06)-back-again Hairspray, ought to grab the rubes, and once they're in for that piece of endearing, off-kilter nostalgia about integrating an American Bandstand- like show in early-sixties Baltimore, maybe they'll stay for the two scenarios for funnier, if hardly as well-produced, early Waters features. Made on either side of Waters' art-house smash Pink FlamingosMultiple Maniacs and Female Trouble are excruciatingly campy satires of pornographic sex and violence. Shoestring-budgeted, both starred Waters' transvestite performer friend Divine and now seem hilarious harbingers of movies such as Natural Born Killers and lots of what's on cable TV. All published here with several scenes cut from the completed films, they and Hairspray are gloriously silly.


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