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Satanic Feminism: and the witchcraft of fem resistance

Seth Katz

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This zine is all about viewing Satanism through a political lens. Both Satanism and Witchcraft are often misunderstood to be dark and evil forces. That or cults, cauldrons, and curses. But, in reality, it's about using the power within yourself to challenge what is wrong in the world through everyday acts of rebellion. To most Satanists, including myself, Satanism is atheistic and more of a political standpoint than a religious view. Rather than worshiping the guy that tried to swindle Eve out of knowledge and free will back in Genesis, this zine (and overall Satanism) focuses on worshiping thyself and taking note from the serpent that just ended up dealing with a whole lot of slander. This zine explores ways to actively hex racist, sexism, capitalism, transphobia and the binary. And, no, you don't need to sell your soul.
Contributor Bio(s)
My personal style and interest in the creative world includes interconnecting design, art, and the power of written word. Experimentalism, intersectionality, and integration of fine art and design are all critical concepts to me as a creator. I write mainly about gender identity, feminism, politics, and the many places they overlap. When executed well, visual design, marketing, art and written word should all have one thing in common: a strong sense of visual communication. Showing, rather than telling a story, is the gap I always aim to bridge. My pronouns are he/him or they/them.
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