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Hand Dryers

Ryde, Samuel

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Hand Dryers is, quite simply, the world’s most complete photographic assemblage of hand dryers. Who knew that something so normal, so instantly forgetful, so remarkably unremarkable could be a thing of such exquisite intrigue? Based on Samuel Ryde’s popular Instagram page of the same name, this new book documents the beauty that can be found in an everyday stalwart of industrial design.

These evocative images, taken in bathrooms across the globe, showcase the hand dryer’s versatile design and its ability to enhance the environment around it—some ooze nightclub sex appeal and dazzle, some a clinical sleekness, others a workhorse charm. And oh, the stories they could tell.

Lavishly illustrated with more than 250 full-color photographs, Hand Dryers pays colorful homage to the fluid margin between utilitarian design and inimitable art.

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