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Play with the Balloon Clutch by We Go to the Gallery

We Go to the Gallery

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Third Drawer Down Studio in collaboration with Dung Beetle Reading scheme present the We Go to the Gallery collection. The collection has been created to extend the life lessons behind the jolly colourful illustrations and three-word learning process by placing selected spreads from the best-selling book onto functional, collectible art products.

This clutch was designed to fit into your every day, and for educating the masses. It features the spread:"I want to play with the balloon " says John, and "Only venture capitalists can play with this balloon," says Mummy.

We recommend you use these products regularly, daily if possible; "The future of British art and cultural standards depends on our children grasping the full significance of contemporary art, so that they can lead full, happy and conflicted lives for many generations to come"-Miria Elia, author

We Go to the Gallery is the first in a series of Dung Beetle learning books designed to make scary subjects approachable for the under 5s. Printed in bold colours and written in clear, simple English each book drags families into the darkest recesses of the collective unconscious, for their broader cultural benefit.

Miriam Elia is a head teacher working at the London School for the Poor and Ignorant. She specialises in teaching art and Zen Buddhism to young minds.


  • 100% Polycotton
  • 19.5cm x 44cm (7.6" x 17.3')
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