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Jay Neugeboren

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Set on the eve of America's entry into World War Two and built around a fascinating historical figure, Dr. Eduard Bloch, an Austrian doctor who was the only Jew for whom Hitler ever personally arranged departure from Europe.

1940 focuses on Dr. Bloch's relationship with Elizabeth Rofman, a medical illustrator who has come to New York to visit her father, only to find that he has, mysteriously, disappeared. The story grows more complex when Elizabeth's son Daniel, a disturbed young adolescent, escapes from the institution in Maryland where his parents have committed him.

About the Author

Jay Neugeboren is the author of fifteen books (including You Are My Heart and The Other Side of the World), including two prize-winning novels (The Stolen Jew, Before My Life Began), two award-winning books of non-fiction (Imagining Robert, Transforming Madness), and three collections of award-winning stories. He has won six consecutive Syndicated Fiction Prizes. He lives in New York City.

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