Sarah Oppenheimer: S-337473



S-337473 accompanies Sarah Oppenheimer's (born 1972) exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts. The project spotlights Oppenheimer's current investigation of the switch, and how such a device might be able to work in space to generate a matrix of views that cannot be experienced by an individual simultaneously.

The illustrated catalog includes new photography of the work in situ and documentation of her cross-disciplinary collaborations, along with newly commissioned essays by scholars, including Alexander R. Galloway (Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU) and Laurent Stalder (Chair for the Theory of Architecture at the ETH in Zurich).

Published by Wexner Center for the Arts. Foreword by Sherri Geldin. Introduction by Megan Cavanaugh. Text by Alexander R. Galloway, Laurent Stalder.


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