Broken Rainbows LP (Gold Vinyl)




Moviola's 10th album


With fervent fans across the globe in pockets of the indie landscape, Moviola has, over the past two-plus decades, forged a unique DIY path, creating everything from fuzzy, fractured lo-fi pop to lush, hi-fi art-country, exuding a chameleon-like, DIY musical ethos, yet somehow always sounding like the same core of friends that started while attending Ohio State over 25 years ago. Evoking a broad range of the American songbook, everything from the noise of the Velvet Underground to the sweetness and light of Terry Allen or Willie Nelson, Moviola has always carved out its own Gestalt path—five songwriters and singers—the “whole is greater than the individual parts” approach.


Moviola Broken Rainbows: Deadpan Charms and Dubious Yarns

Sep 24, 2021 8:00 PM EST

Mershon Auditorium


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