'He/Him' Pronoun Earrings

Doodad & Fandango



Let your earlobes do the talking cos your gender is a splendour!

Earrings are a lightweight 4.5 x 8cm including top stud bit.

They are made from inlaid acrylic featuring a mirror laminate backing.

Doodad+Fandango is the plastique fantastique jewel in the Australian wearable art crown, creating distinctive, colour-pop statement pieces that adorn creatives, kooks and couture-lovers across the globe.

Designer and jeweller Nikita Majajas has been exploring renegade aesthetics since the 90’s as a fashion designer, shoe-maker and costume stylist specialising in outrageous self-expression, explosive colour and highly playful forms.

D+F uses meticulously inlaid pieces of Perspex and laminate, which is hard wearing, and has the look and feel of shiny resin. 

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